About Me

My name is Camille Plumlee.  I am the creator and owner of C’easonal Décor.  Let me tell you a little about my business and myself.  My home base is in La Habra, CA, which is southern California, but I will travel the western part of the United States.

C’easonal Décor has many areas.  First is the home, office or business accessorizing/decorating.  I will do jobs from just accessorizing a room or area to designing a whole house. 

With accessorizing an area, I check out the area to be changed and tell you what you need to put finishing touches to change or update this area.  I make most of the items to do this and the items I can’t make, I research and purchase, finding you (the client) the best deal.

Now, in doing a whole house or several rooms, I can start with drawing out what you are looking to changed.  From walls and or doorways being moved or turned into arches, painting, trim, crown molding, tile, flooring and all the finishing touches.  I do most of the work myself.  The work I can’t do, I sub contract out, but overlook everything.

I also do exterior design and get my supplies from Sticks and Stones (www.gjsticksandstones.com) and from Tomboy Tools (www.tomboytools.info/CamillePlumlee.com) with my web ID #8152942. For more details, please click on the Important Links below.

I do seasonal decorating, such as, spring, summer, fall, winter or any holiday, Christmas being my busiest time of year, for the seasons.  For Christmas, I make garland, wreaths, trees, centerpieces and arrangements.  Trees I can do in any size and width.  Mostly, I make “theme” trees.  Such as, kitchen, dog, cat, wine, beach, sports, cardinal, bear, rustic, teacher, etc.  My trees are permanently decorated and come with tree skirt and storage bag, so all you have to do is store it and then next year pull it out and fluff it.  Viola, your tree is done!

My website has a store for those of you who would like to browse/purchase my items.  I do accept Paypal.  I also will take orders.  Just e-mail me with your order and I will contact you.

Once or twice a month, I do trade/home/craft shows.  If you would like to be notified of the place and times of my shows or would be interested in having a show at your home, drop me an e-mail with your information and I will send you that schedule.

You can also find my store on e-bay under ceasonal décor.

  • I will come in and decorate your office, business or home.
  • From designing an area, room or whole house, including painting, furniture and accessorizing.
  • My speciality is with silk greenery and florals, unique pictures and accessories.
  • Every item I make is custom to your desired colors and theme.
  • I deliver and set up your order.
  • You can choose swags, garland, centerpieces, arrangements, wreaths and trees.
  • Any sizes you want, can be made.
  • My trees range from 2 feet to 30 feet, with all different styles.
  • I design everyday decor or seasonal/holiday decor.
  • My prices are reasonable.
  • You can rent or buy your items.
  • I can be commissioned for changing out your decor year round.

You tell me what you want and your price range. From silk swags, garlands, centerpieces, arrangements to pictures, accent pieces or decorative shelves. You name it and I can probably do it. I can make any size you want.

Swags can be placed over pictures, doorways, windows or just on a wall to accent. Corner swags look beautiful for pictures, windows and doorways. For holidays, theme can be requested. I have Christmas trees rangeing in size from 2 feet to 30 feet. For example, you could chose a snowman theme or a gold theme for a tree and I could carry that theme throughout your area.

Everything I do is custom to your colors and style. I also deliver and set it up. No job is too big or small. Call or e-mail for an estimate.

Remember our holiday season can get busy fast, so make your appointments early for your desired dates.